Unique Ways to Give Your Home Photos a Hollywood Makeover

Let’s be honest. Buying a home can be not only stressful but truly boring.

By the time a buyer has been “in the market” for a week, they’ve already seen hundreds of photos of homes for sale.

And if you have a want to sell a home unless it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, or if Elvis wrote his first song there, it’s still essentially just covered walls and a floor.

How utterly boring!

What’s the clever alternative? Do a Hollywood makeover for photos or video, that makes your home really stand out heads above the competition for cleverness and attention.

Consider these outlandish examples when taking photos to help your home stand out in the market:

Flamingo House

Even a house with gorgeous curb appeal looks boring after a potential home buyer has waded through a hundred other boring curb appeal photos. One possible alternative: staging with bright Pink Plastic Flamingoes!

Imagine a home buyer scrolling through set after set of home photos, when they come across yours, with 30 pink flamingoes or more on the front yard!

Then, imagine their delight, when they go to the next set of photos and see a dining room set with six flamingoes, standing on the seats, in front of a set of Chinese foods, (complete with the cartons,) and a 2-liter of coke.

Wow, now you’ve awakened your potential buyer’s attention!


Another unique photo-op is turning your home into a den for super-heroes.

You, your wife, and your kids take a trip to a local costume house and rent a half-dozen super-hero costumes. (The more the merrier is our opinion.)

Then have a photographer, or even better yet, a videographer takes once in a blue moon staging photos that nobody has seen before.

For the front lawn, show dad dressed up as Batman, mowing the lawn. In the kitchen have mom dressed up as Wonder Woman doing an old fashion, “woman holding a cake photo.” Show the kids about to jump into the pool wearing Ninja Turtle outfits.

Trust us, once you are in the costume shop, the creative ideas will begin to flow. And not only will you have fun selling your house, but you will literally transform the opportunity to buy a home into something that’s exciting for the new owners.

A True Hollywood Story

Don’t like the idea either of superheroes or flamingoes? Have some very creative and outgoing friends and family? Why not stage a “legends of Hollywood” theme of realty photos?

Again, this would involve a trip to the costume shop, but show “Elvis” playing guitar in the living room, while “Marilyn Monroe,” “James Dean” and “Fred and Wilma Flintstone” gather around. Then move to the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the patio.

People buy a house to live in, and they want to be able to picture what the experience is like. Unfortunately, 99.9 of real estate photos show the same old- fashioned views with no people in the house at all.

Crossdressing Role-Play

Do you really want to spice up your homes for sale photos? Consider reversing roles.

Have mom in the front yard, wearing a t-shirt and a fake tattoo on her arm mowing the lawn. Have dad, in the kitchen wearing a wig, a dress, and high heels.

Of course, this takes a lot of guts and an extroverted personality, but it’s a sure-fire guarantee that you’ll have the only cross-dressing realty photos in your city, (even if you live in New York) and attract a lot of attention. And that’s the idea behind these suggestions. To attract the buyer’s attention.

The Bottom Line

Potential homebuyers are overloaded by looking at seemingly repetitive photos of homes for sale online.  That’s because nobody is thinking out of the box when it comes to photos. Even if your Realtor’s MLS doesn’t allow it, your Realtor can still put together a home listing website online and add any pics you want!  

Once the site is live, you can share the pictures on Facebook or Instagram just like any other photo.  Social media is a growing platform to buy and sell real estate, so use it to your best advantage. Shake it up if you want to sell quickly. Be the only one representing your home as a place with “originality.”

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