professional photographers necessary when selling a home

Are Professional Photographs Necessary when Selling a Home?

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Professional photography should always be included in the “steps to selling a house” process. Some sellers and even agents think a buyer’s first impression is when they drive up to the property. However, that is usually not the case.

The first impression for most buyers is the MLS for the property, specifically the photographs. Every buyer wants to see what a property looks like inside and out. Of course the specifications and description of the property matter too. However, photographs are usually the deciding factor in whether or not a buyer wants to view a property. Photographs elicit an emotion that no amount of words will ever be able to do.

professional photos to sell home

Are Real Estate Photographs Necessary?

Real estate photographs are a must when selling a home. Most MLSs won’t let agents enter a listing without at least one photo. Some agents have no intention of adding more than one photo, so this requirement doesn’t impact them. While other agents plan on entering photos but they still need to be taken. So in order to get around this MLS requirement, they’ll enter a “coming soon” image or one photo of the exterior.

Taking either approach when entering a new listing is a horrible idea. It’s understandable, that some sellers and agents are anxious to get a listing entered into the MLS and don’t see the harm in adding photos at a later date. There are several issues with this strategy.

The main issue of adding a listing without photos is losing potential buyers. Once a property is entered into the MLS is when it’s going to get the most amount of views. It’s the first impression! The odds of a buyer revisiting a pictureless listing after they’ve ruled it out is probably zero. The time a seller or agent thinks they’re losing by waiting for photographs isn’t a loss at all, it’ll be a complete gain. That is if the photographs are appealing.

Are Professional Real Estate Photographs Necessary?

Almost anyone can take a good photo, but can anyone take the best real estate photo? The answer is an unequivocal no.

Sure with a push of the button, a smartphone can produce a great picture. Add some filters and it will look even better. However, photographs taken with an inexpensive camera or smartphone tend to be limited and won’t be able to show a property in its best light. The same holds true for people who have the best camera equipment but have no clue how to use it.

This is where a professional photographer comes in. Not just any photographer though, a real estate photographer. Top real estate photographers know how to showcase a property. What angles do pictures need to be taken from at the right time of day for the home’s exposure? It takes a certain eye to produce the best photos, an eye a majority of people don’t have.


professional photographs necessary when selling a home

Benefits of Using a Professional Real Estate Photographer

A Quicker Home Sale

Statistics show over and over again homes with professional real estate photographs will sell faster and for more money. Even if a property isn’t model-perfect real estate photographs have a way of showcasing a home’s best features. They know how to get buyers through the door.


Up to Date

Photographers tend to be passionate about their craft. They have the best equipment and are up to date with the latest and greatest techniques for producing the best photos.

Time Saver

A professional real estate photographer will be in and out! They aren’t going to take a 1,000 photos trying to get the best angle, they already know what the best angle is. Nor will they have to go back to the property to retake photos that didn’t turn out. A professional is also going to send a finished product. So there is no need to fuss with lighting or cropping, it’s already done. The turnaround time for most photographers is usually 24-48 hours max.

 Biggest Bang for the Buck

Professional real estate photos will be the best marketing dollar ever spent. The photographs are literally used for all marketing. Online marketing, print marketing, the MLS listing, the list goes on and on. Why spend money on marketing a property with subpar photos?

The cost to hire a real estate photographer is going to vary. It all depends on the area and the size of the property. The average cost for professional photographs in most areas (not the luxury market) is usually $100-$400. THAT’S IT

professional photos when selling a home

Final Thoughts

It’s imperative for sellers to know what type of marketing listing agent is going to do for their home. Top Realtors are going to hire a professional real estate photographer. If the agent plans on taking the photos ask for examples of other listings they have. There are a few very talented 

Realtors who are capable of taking their own photographs. However, that is rarely the case.

If an agent is going to slap up less than perfect photos there is cause for concern how they’ll be marketing the property. That is if they plan on marketing it at all. 

Photographs are usually the first impression and one of the cheapest marketing tools. If an agent doesn’t fork out a few hundred dollars for professional photos odds are they won’t be spending a dime on marketing at all.

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